About you

► Suppliers of state-of-the-art and hi-tech solutions

 Dealers of global companies and local system integrators

► Focusing on your customers’ needs

► Interested in high-quality marketing and promo materials

Why add an About you section in my About me page?

Well, because my job is all about helping you—the companies supplying printing, broadcasting and IT solutions—dominate your niche and increase your market share. I translate and create customised materials for you and together with you.

Your company and your clients may benefit from the experience of a technical translator, creative approach of a marketer, and strong skills of a copywriter.

My hands-on experience with marketing in a company supplying technical systems means that I understand where you are coming from and what pressures you are under. I know how challenging is to create and translate marketing materials taking into account needs and priorities of your target audience.

This is the reason LinkedIn recommendations of my customers go like this:

‘Olesya is the best translator from English to Russian in Graphic Arts field I know.’

‘Excellent language skills, attention to details, meeting deadlines and reasonable pricing for very high quality of services. And she is so easy to work with. Can you wish more working with a freelancer?’

‘She is a true professional of our industry, and she is very supportive, providing clear explanations and suggestions to ensure that the final Russian text is of supreme quality.’

About me

► 16 years’ experience in translation and content creation/management

► Native Russian speaker; born and educated in Russia

► Marketing experience in technical companies

 Translation contest winner; continue with my professional development

Olesya ZaytsevaA couple of words about Olesya Zaytseva.

After completing my Master’s degree in English and German with Distinction from a Russian university, I was employed in various roles in the private sector including marketing, where I had to work under high pressure and deliver first-rate results to tight deadlines.

Starting from 1999, I have been creating, translating, and editing marketing materials, articles, books. Since 2003, I have been working as an independent translator with direct clients, colleagues and translation agencies, focusing on my specialist fields: IT and broadcasting, printing and additive manufacturing, marketing and media. For me, it is a chance to combine my reawakened interest in translations with acquired skills in digital technologies and marketing.

As an independent professional, I am the first and only point of contact for my clients. If you have a query about a project I am working on, you get straight through to me, the person who knows exactly where the project began and where it is going. You can be sure that all your e-mails will be answered as quickly as possible, and the deadlines set will be observed. My slogan is Just Translate It! as I do my best to make translations and communications easy, hassle- and stress-free.

Interested? Give it a try! To get additional information or discuss a project you have in mind, feel free to contact me: write an email, leave a voicemail on my mobile, or fill in the online form.