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Technical Translation

Speak your prospects’ language

‘Yes’ to accurate terminology and clear language. ‘No’ to misleads

  • user guides
  • reference materials
  • brochures
  • product presentations
  • catalogues
High-quality technical translation:

drives sales and helps close leads and meet your goals

bolsters your market position and competitiveness

contributes to customers' confidence in the products

make it easy for you to better support your customers

Technical Translation. Olesya Zaytseva


To translate marketing materials covering technical subjects and wrap them into a relevant and clear form, you need a translator who really knows the field.

Having translated technical materials since 1999, I continue to pursue professional development related to my main specialisations. Currently, I work with three main fields which have much in common and are interrelated.


  • Translation Quality - 1

    Translation Quality - 1

    Source materials for your project

  • Translation Quality - 2

    Translation Quality - 2

    Terminology Management

  • Translation Quality - 3

    Translation Quality - 3

    Style Guides