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Newspaper press marks 200 years

Print Hi-Tech: December

Printing, digital, and marketing convergence More interesting news and case studies involving printing and publishing technologies in my regular 'Hi-Tech' category. Today: a 200-year-old printing press; inkjet technologies for haute couture; 3D photos; an awesome book-based app. Newspaper press marks 200 years At the end of 1814, Friedrich Koenig and

Time to learn color basics

Print Hi-Tech: November

Combining printing, digital, and marketing I’m finally launching my monthly ‘Hi Tech’ section about most interesting case studies combining printing, digital technologies and marketing. I hope you’ll enjoy the convergence of printing and digital technologies as much as I do. Time to learn color basics Color is one of the most

translation agency or a freelance translator

Provider vs Freelancer

A translation agency or a freelance translator? Finding your match. For companies in search of translation, the market supports numerous variants, from freelance experts to small boutique type translation agencies, to multinational language service providers. Some companies prefer in-house translators, which is another viable choice. The good news is

International Print Day 2014

International Print Day 2014

Let's make Print trend the world On October 8, 2014, the global on-line print community shared info about print using the hashtag #IPD14: International Print Day 2014. It was the first global on-line print and integrated marketing event delivered through social media. Final stats: 6PM ET 10/7/14 – 8PM

language of marketing materials

Writing Plain is Worth it

Some points about the language of marketing materials Getting bored with the repeated marketing nonsense when looking through similar press releases and marketing copies? Try the all-new Marketing Bullshit Bingo by translatorsanonymous. I guess you know the principle. Whenever you see one of the buzzwords on your

Technical translations

Specialisation World

You simply love what you do Technical translations vary greately. User guides and technical specifications demand, above all, knowledge of terminology and consistency. Marketing texts, news, and press publications add style and engagement to the demands backed by thorough understanding of technologies and trends. Some translators told me

5 golden rules of marketing translations

Marketing Translations Guide

5 Golden Rules Marketing texts are all about engagement. You put together thoughtful sentences and catchy phrases to invoke positive feelings of your readers. You try to create music from words, technical texts in rhyme. But the result of your efforts might vanish after your materials have been translated for

Virtual employees are great

5 Reasons Virtual Employees Are Great

Who is a freelancer? A manager or an expert who works with the company on a temporary basis and is not a part of corporate stuff. More companies are considering freelancers when looking for potential partners. What are the main benefits of collaboration with remote subcontractors? The same

Translator's Blog

Welcome to Translator’s Blog

Welcome to Just Translate It, my new Virtual Office. This is a blog by a freelance translator specialising in marketing translations for technical companies. In 2012, I launched my Russian website with a blog for sharing ideas, information and experiences relevant to translation with my fellow