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  • Digital & IT: translation, content. PR and media.
    Digital and IT technologies
  • Printing and converting: translation, content. PR and media
    Printing and packaging
  • 3D printing: translation, content. PR and media.
    3D printing and additive manufacturing


  • Translations for media publications including white papers, press releases, websites and blogs
  • Translation of presentations, brochures, catalogues (with DTP)
  • Translation of user and installation guides (with DTP)
  • Translation of books, newsletters, media publications
  • Content marketing and content strategies for Russian speaking audience
  • Adaptation and creation of SEO optimised content for websites and social media

From English, German, Ukrainian into Russian

printing and packaging
IT and digital technologies
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
I personally guarantee
  • On-time delivery
  • Quality Assurance



  • Translation (with and without DTP) of several user manuals including an operating instruction for a recycling plant for processing cooling devices and industrial machines (36,000 words)
  • User interface localization for an American organization
  • Content translation for a national tourism organization global website (a team project)
  • Localisation of promo materials, brochures, presentations for a Russian distributor of systems, software and printing media
  • Translation, adaptation and DTP of a brandbook
  • Keyword research and localization (2000 words) for a luxury brands shop
  • Writing articles for local industry media (example in Russian)
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