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math rules for freelancers

Engaging math for freelancers

10 basic terms illustrated by important rules In the 1980s, American A&W attempted to capitalise on the success of the popular McDonald's Quarter Pounder. They introduced a third-pound burger with more meat at a lower cost. The product failed. The reason? Most customers thought ¼ pound was

Translator’s Dream Client

Translator’s Dream Client

Afterthoughts on a Facebook discussion Depending on the target audience and current business plans, every freelancer has a unique picture of 'the dream client’. This post on translator's dream clients was originally published in Russian following a discussion, which took place in a Facebook group. Actually, it was an attempt

hiring a marketing translator

Hiring a Marketing Translator

Most important points Prices No size fits all when it comes to marketing communications and translations. Each project is unique. Sometimes, straight translation is your best choice. Certain tasks require transcreation and adaptation. Even copywriting may come in handy. The first step is to be clear on what

translation agency or a freelance translator

Provider vs Freelancer

A translation agency or a freelance translator? Finding your match. For companies in search of translation, the market supports numerous variants, from freelance experts to small boutique type translation agencies, to multinational language service providers. Some companies prefer in-house translators, which is another viable choice. The good news is

Virtual employees are great

5 Reasons Virtual Employees Are Great

Who is a freelancer? A manager or an expert who works with the company on a temporary basis and is not a part of corporate stuff. More companies are considering freelancers when looking for potential partners. What are the main benefits of collaboration with remote subcontractors? The same