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Downloadable customer resources

Downloadables list: Monthly newsletter: archive and subscription Commissioning translation: 3 basic steps  Purchase order for translation: items to consider PowerPoint presentations: preparing for localisation Brief for content creation/curation Content marketing guide: tips for tech companies Last updated: June 2020   MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: TIPS, OFFERS, NEW SERVICES

Purchase order for translation

Translation Quality 101. Part 4

Final arrangements before the project: purchase order This is the fourth part of Translation Quality 101 series on ways to improve translation quality. So, you have final versions of your translation files, you have approved your terminology list and even prepared a style guide. Should you transfer your

How to Localise Keywords: tips and tricks for effective keyword localisation

How to Localise Keywords: 3 basic steps

Tips for effective keyword localisation To localise keywords effectively, follow three basic stages: translation, adaptation, supplementing and testing. If you have a list of well-performing keywords, you need to complete four main tasks to make your list work in other languages: Translate keywords correctly. Localise keywords:

Translation terms

Translation Terms

A short guide for translation buyers A translation cookbook for those who are unaware of such subtleties and details. By "translation" we mean both the process and its result. Key terms related to the work of linguists and translators are listed here with some useful links. If

translated collateral

Translation and Your Marketing Strategy

Haunted castles of translated collateral The efficiency of traditional marketing has dropped dramatically. A very low response rate (less than 1%) is considered reasonable for certain marketing channels. Customers bombarded by advertising have mastered the art of ignoring the noise while companies paying for media placement have accepted ad

Translator’s Dream Client

Translator’s Dream Client

Afterthoughts on a Facebook discussion Depending on the target audience and current business plans, every freelancer has a unique picture of 'the dream client’. This post on translator's dream clients was originally published in Russian following a discussion, which took place in a Facebook group. Actually, it was an attempt

hiring a marketing translator

Hiring a Marketing Translator

Most important points Prices No size fits all when it comes to marketing communications and translations. Each project is unique. Sometimes, straight translation is your best choice. Certain tasks require transcreation and adaptation. Even copywriting may come in handy. The first step is to be clear on what