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math rules for freelancers

Engaging math for freelancers

10 basic terms illustrated by important rules In the 1980s, American A&W attempted to capitalise on the success of the popular McDonald's Quarter Pounder. They introduced a third-pound burger with more meat at a lower cost. The product failed. The reason? Most customers thought ¼ pound was

Purchase order for translation

Translation Quality 101. Part 4

Final arrangements before the project: purchase order This is the fourth part of Translation Quality 101 series on ways to improve translation quality. So, you have final versions of your translation files, you have approved your terminology list and even prepared a style guide. Should you transfer your

Terminology management

Translation Quality 101. Part 2

This is the second part of Translation Quality 101 series. The first part, dealing with source materials for translation, can be found here. ISO 1087-1 (2000) defines the term as a “verbal designation of a general concept in a specific subject field.” Some terms consist

Translation quality basics

Translation Quality 101

During this year, I was reconsidering my translation workflows and procedures. The whole thing led to a new series of posts on ensuring translation quality for my Russian blog. Actually, views and demands related to translation quality will often vary even inside a company. People

Translation terms

Translation Terms

A short guide for translation buyers A translation cookbook for those who are unaware of such subtleties and details. By "translation" we mean both the process and its result. Key terms related to the work of linguists and translators are listed here with some useful links. If

translated collateral

Translation and Your Marketing Strategy

Haunted castles of translated collateral The efficiency of traditional marketing has dropped dramatically. A very low response rate (less than 1%) is considered reasonable for certain marketing channels. Customers bombarded by advertising have mastered the art of ignoring the noise while companies paying for media placement have accepted ad

Pop-up paper books

Print Hi-Tech: December

Printing, digital, and marketing convergence Interesting news and case studies involving printing and digital technologies covered in my regular ‘Hi-Tech’ category. Today: subtle pop-up worlds of Katsumi Komagata; VR experience out of a pizza box; 3D printed latte; DROTR Calls&Chat app with automatic translation support. Subtle pop-up worlds made