Valid Certificates

I make sure there is time in my schedule for further professional development and trainings in different fields: from languages to main specialties and working areas including technologies and marketing.

Life-long learning for professionals helps conscientious practitioners to maintain and develop their knowledge, skills and expertise.


  • Improved productivity and quality of work for challenging projects
  • Sharper professional skills and sounder judgement for a truly effective result
  • Awareness of changes in your industries and fields

Apart from certificates listed below, I have a number of certificates in 3D printing technologies, bioprinting, additive technologies from MOOCs (Coursera, NovoEd, FutureLearn) as well as several marketing certificates.


Olesya Zaytseva: ProZ certified translator, English to RussianEnglish to Russian translator at your service
Olesya Zaytseva: committed to professional development
Olesya Zaytseva: IELTS Academic certificateOlesya Zaytseva: IELTS Academic certificate
Olesya Zaytseva: Google Adwords certificate
Olesya Zaytseva: Google Analytics certificateOlesya Zaytseva: Google Analytics certificate
Olesya Zaytseva: Yandex.Direct certificate for effective keyword localisation
Olesya Zaytseva: HubSpot Inbound marketing certified