We have been working with Olesya for several years. I would underline her expertise, responsibility and accuracy. She knows the terminology well correctly translating all the aspects concerning technical and technological details.

Vadim Kirbatov

Our reasons for looking for a new service provider: low translation quality, missed deadlines, problems with industry terminology. Now the cooperation is brilliant! Everything is quick, the result does not need additional reviewing, the price is reasonable, no problems with design quality.

Dmitry Epstein
Department Director, Fujifilm RUS


Olesya is the best translator from English to Russian in Graphic Arts field I know.

Igor Terentyev
Editor-in-Chief, Open Systems Publications


I’m glad to be working with Olesya and would like to underline her high competencies, quality and speed in translating complex specialized texts on digital additive design technologies, additive manufacturing and bio printing.

General Director, NISSA Digispace
Oleg Gogin

I managed Olesya at USAHello, both in a volunteer and contractor capacity. Olesya translated a varied pool of content for our organization, utilizing several platforms and systems. She was a quick learner and skillfully integrated all systems and process changes. As a volunteer, she was incredibly dedicated and translated more content than any other volunteer in 2019. I recommend Olesya highly; she is hard-working, communicative, and thorough. I was lucky to work with her.

Lana Radosavljevic
Non-profit and education professional


Worked with Olesya for 2.5 years: technical translation (IT), news publishing. I liked everything. She is diligent, punctual, easy to deal with. Planning to cooperate further.

Alexander Galitski
Data Recovery Expert


I came to know Olesya at MacHOUSE when she was an excellent marketing manager for publishing solutions department and I absolutely recommend Olesya for everyone who needs outsourced technical translation & content management. Excellent language skills, attention to details, meeting deadlines and reasonable pricing for very high quality of services. And she is so easy to work with.

Natalia Karpova
Marketing and Vendor Communications Manager, VisionHOUSE


I used Olesya’s translation services, and it was a real pleasure to work with her. She is a true professional of our industry, and she is very supportive, providing clear explanations and suggestions to ensure that the final Russian text is of supreme quality. I highly recommend Olesya for everyone who needs excellent translations into Russian.

Clara Giampietro|
English/Spanish to Italian Translator

Valid Certificates

I make sure there is time in my schedule for further professional development and trainings in different fields: from languages to main specialties and working areas including technologies and marketing.

Life-long learning for professionals helps conscientious practitioners to maintain and develop their knowledge, skills and expertise.


  • Improved productivity and quality of work for challenging projects
  • Sharper professional skills and sounder judgement for a truly effective result
  • Awareness of changes in your industries and fields

Apart from certificates listed below, I have a number of certificates in 3D printing technologies, bioprinting, additive technologies from MOOCs (Coursera, NovoEd, FutureLearn) as well as several marketing certificates.

Olesya Zaytseva: ProZ certified translator, English to RussianEnglish to Russian translator at your service
Olesya Zaytseva: committed to professional development
Olesya Zaytseva: IELTS Academic certificateOlesya Zaytseva: IELTS Academic certificate
Olesya Zaytseva: Google Adwords certificate
Olesya Zaytseva: Google Analytics certificateOlesya Zaytseva: Google Analytics certificate
Olesya Zaytseva: Yandex.Direct certificate for effective keyword localisation
Olesya Zaytseva: HubSpot Inbound marketing certified