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Russian translation and content services

Russian translation, content,
and creative services

Some businesses do not need good quality local copy. For them, content isn’t about getting the right message into the local language or engaging with the local audience. It’s only about doing it at scale.

For others, it is value that furthers current business goals at targeted local markets. The value in the opening rate of the email, the click rate of the content link, and the actual sales made after studying the brochure.

I help businesses in printing, converting, additive, and digital markets communicate the value of their solutions, engage with potential customers and offer more to existing client base.

If you are looking for a service provider to outsource translation and content management for Russian-speaking audience, look no further. Enjoy consistent output and quality with less hustle: Just Translate It!

  • Olesya Zaytseva Translation
    Translation: technical, marketing
  • Olesya_Zaytseva_Content
    Content: social media, websites
  • Content Marketing Olesya Zaytseva
    Media & PR: content marketing, strategies
Translation for businesses

To translate a brochure, presentation or website and wrap the text into a reader-relevant form while preserving the meaning, you need an expert who really knows your field and solutions.

Professional translation of technical and marketing materials from English, German, Ukrainian into Russian. ‘Yes’ to accurate terminology and clear language. ‘No’ to misleads. Texts that are ready for publishing.

Online Content and SEO

I create and curate professional content that helps strengthen your positions in search engines and social media. Agile content services in Russian: I choose and adapt for your audience the most engaging and relevant content.

Varying from daily to monthly content pieces, this is a comprehensive and effective combination from SEO, creative services and translation increasing your online visibility and attracting potential customers.

Media strategies and promotion

I develop content marketing strategies for Russian-speaking markets including regular planned content activities and guest publications in local industry media. Content marketing and PR services for businesses and startups.

Printing, converting, 3D technologies: I create and adapt articles, white papers, case studies for industry media in Russian, help cover your local activities, prepare editorial schedules for professional content.

I personally guarantee
  • On-time delivery
  • Quality Assurance
The principles I adhere to:

 ⇒  Reasonable pricing and deadlines that are comfortable to you

⇒  I am always reachable, and you know exactly where your project is going

⇒  You can always count on my suggestions and explanations to ensure the best end result

⇒  Quality assurance process implemented for your peace of mind

⇒  Continuous professional development in my specialties and marketing

Technology with a twist of creativity for highly effective marketing campaigns
Professional Development: Olesya Zaytseva
Google Analytics Zaytseva
Olesya Zaytseva: ProZ certified translator, English to Russian
Olesya Zaytseva inbound marketing
Professional Development
Google Analytics
Inbound Marketing
Service packages

Many of my clients are interested in comprehensive professional services with a single pricing model and a service provider. If you need a certain kind of content every week, a package is a much better option. Below are basic packages based on different needs I usually come across. The packages are fully customisable and can include other tasks.

The right balance of quality, velocity, and cost
for your marketing communications needs
  • Exhibition Package
  • From 500 Euro*
    • Order 10 brochures and get PDF layout free. You pay for translation only
    • Free changes during a month after the project delivery.

  • Kick-Off Package (the most popular)
  • 375 Euro per month
    • Monthly consulting session on content marketing strategy
    • Social media management for 1 network
    • 2 new blog posts per month
    • 4 translated news per month (selection, adaptation, publication)
    • 4 new media publications per year
    • 4 professional PowerPoint presentations per year
    • 10% discount on translations

  • Business Package
  • 560 Euro per month
    • Monthly consulting session on content marketing strategy
    • Editing and reviewing of website texts
    • Social media management for 2 networks
    • 6 translated news per month (selection, adaptation, publication)
    • 4 new media publications per year
    • 4 professional PowerPoint presentations per year
    • One e-book per year
    • 15% discount on translations

The packages are offered as a contract for 1 month (The Exhibition Package), 3, 6 or 12 months. The list of tasks may vary reflecting the current objectives and requirements of your business.

I would love to connect with you to answer your questions or provide a free consultation. Please pick a time that works best for you.