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Are you looking for a way to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns? Or maybe you need translated articles for local media or a localised website? Interested in blog posts or news in Russian?

It is often quite a challenge to create and translate marketing and promotional content relating to technologies. While closely following the subject, you should make the message clear and relevant to the reader.

Writing technology clearly, correctly, and engagingly is exactly what I do. You get texts and content that appeal to your target audience.

Translator services

The principles I stick to:

  • Professional quality only
  • Careful planning and preparation for each project
  • All the projects are handled by me personally
  • I am always reachable
  • You know exactly where your project is going
  • The agreed delivery date is a must for me

project workflow scheme

Quality is never an accident. You need two components to get a desirable outcome: (1) a client interested in a certain result and (2) a service provider who is capable of offering that result.


Discussing the task and ways to handle it.


Agreeing on project details and terms.


Signing a purchase order or a contract.


Studying materials, glossaries.


The job is now well under way with QA.


The ready material is sent to the client.

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