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Just Translate It - Technical Translation English to Russian

Translation: Technical Accuracy with a Creative Twist

Write your prospects’ language

of online users choose
a native language when available


of non-English speakers
automatically leave a website
that is only in English


of all internet users
are non-English speakers

Translation paves the way to your audience’s interest. A high-quality translation paves way to the trust.

I help suppliers communicate benefits of their high-tech solutions to the Russian-speaking audience.

  • Technical Translation Olesya Zaytseva
  • Marketing Translation Olesya Zaytseva
  • Summary Translation Olesya Zaytseva
Technical translation

Compliance with the standards for technical documentation makes it easier for you to better support your customers by presenting information in an accurate and clear way.

‘Yes’ to accurate terminology and clear language. ‘No’ to misleads:
user guides  | reference materials | catalogues | white papers

Additional services: terminology management, editing and DPT for user guides, partial updates of previously translated materials with version comparison.

Just Translate It! Marketing translations
Marketing Translation

Your image and an around-the-clock sales agent. Transforms the original into persuasive message in Russian inspiring to learn more about your company.

English is an ideal marketing language, and thoughts can be expressed very succinctly. Marketing translations require adapting a message to another language while maintaining its style and tone. It’s all about engagement.

Engage potential customers interested in your products and technologies

websites | brochures  | newsletters  | media publications  | presentations | news

Additional services: translation with copywriting elements (creative adaptation), regular updates for corporate blogs and social media accounts, news and articles selection and adaptation.

Summary translation English Russian
Summary Translation

A quick and reliable way to grasp the general idea of potentially useful materials, without time- and budget-consuming full translation. A concise and accurate abstract with key ideas, main facts and figures, from 30% to 50% of the original volume. Summary translation works great for corporate blogs, news feed,  and media publications.

Translation with summarisation of key points and ideas:

white papers | market and product reviews | media publications | reports | presentations

Additional services: summery translation from Russian into English, research of related media publications and articles for summarisation, analytics.

Committed to Professional Development
Olesya Zaytseva: Certified Translator
Translation Contest Winner: Olesya Zaytseva
International Association of Translators and Interpreters
Why I am qualified

 ⇒  Translating technology since 1999

⇒  Hands-on experience in graphic arts, publishing, and marketing

⇒  Certified translator, translation contest winner

⇒  Translated books on software, hundreds of published articles for industry media

⇒  A team of experienced editors and proofreaders for all-in-one services


Project workflow

To get a desirable outcome, you need two components:
(1) a company interested in a certain result and (2) a service provider who is capable of offering that result.


Discussing the task and solutions


Agreeing on volumes and terms


Signing a purchase order


Studying materials, glossaries


The job is now well under way with QA


The ready material is sent to the client


Purchase order_small

Purchase Order
Downloadable PDF


Depending on agreed usage of the translation, the workflow may require not a single translator but a team of translators and editors.

  1. Standard translation with self-editing (one person)
  2. Translation and editing by a second translator (two persons).
  3. Translation, reviewing, revising (three persons).
  4. Translation, reviewing, revising, proofreading (four persons).

For most cases, the second option is sufficient involving two translators and two rounds of editing. In this case the final text is ready for online publishing.

Any questions? A new project to discuss?

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I’ll be in touch in a couple of hours.

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