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PR and content marketing for tech businesses

PR and Content Marketing for Technology Companies

Promotion in Russian-Speaking Markets
55 %

of business professionals
say a great story
captures their focus

70–80 %

of users
paid ads

89 %

of marketers think
content marketing gives
higher quality leads

The best way to introduce your offers to a new target audience is to present them through engaging stories for press, your company’s blog, and social media.

Content marketing and regional PR for printing and converting companies, 3D and additive manufacturing industry.

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Effective content strategies: Olesya Zaytseva


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Interested in cooperation with industry press? Planning to introduce your products and services to Russian-speaking markets? Established industry publications always welcome relevant materials that are interesting or useful for their audiences.

Make a move beyond press releases and news: create locally-relevant article to resonate with industry representatives.

PR storytelling with no boring self-promotion:

market and industry reviews | corporate storytelling | | PR causes

I’ll analyze industry publications best suited for handling your tasks, create a media list, find the contacts of editors and journalists, create a set of engaging, locally oriented topics, and discuss all the details with the local press.

Content Marketing

By creating content that is relevant, valuable, and compelling and distributing it through popular channels you can handle several tasks at once: generate potential leads, establish thought leadership in your industry, create or increase brand awareness.

Content marketing does not involve direct selling or advertising. It is a slow but effective process of gaining trust and positive image with your audience.

Impactful content for impactful businesses

No time? No stuff? A lack of fresh ideas? No publication schedule?

Content marketing services that meet the aims and goals of your business. Consulting services backed by real, easily measurable engagement results for your content.

Content Strategy Development
Content Strategy Development

An outline of your target customer profile, strategic messaging with outlined value proposition, market segments, content topics, and marketing channels can increase the clarity and effectiveness of your marketing significantly.

Having clearly defined customer segments help you identify what’s important to your customer and how to engage them.

Strategies and tactics for your online image

Research and assessment | Customer profiles | Tailored content marketing tactics | Content strategy development

As soon as you make your brand the topic of your content you lose your audience. I help to identify what’s important to your customer and how to engage them.

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Olesya Zaytseva inbound marketing
Google_Adwords: Olesya Zaytseva

 ⇒ I know how local industry media work and what they expect from your publications

 ⇒ Have coordinated marketing and PR activities as an in-hose manager of a tech company

⇒ Worked as an executive editor and news editor in industry media

⇒ Continue my cooperation with industry media

⇒ I create content strategies only for industries I know well enough (printing, packaging, 3D)

You’ve got great ideas. I can turn them into great content and communication.

I save your time rather than adding to your to-do list

Cooperation packages

My task is to help innovative companies get coverage in local industry media while providing the local media with content that is relevant and useful to their audience.

The Newsbreak Package

Turn your original promo materials into useful and popular informational publications for local audiences. I create a document with possible publication topics, local pain points, media contacts, and a cold email template for local editorial teams. The customized document is created with your aims and goals in mind. Now you are ready to contact local media and discuss possible PR stories. The material in Russian (I can help you with the adaptation and interviews if needed) is sent for publication. The media gets a relevant material that draws the audience’s attention and enhances its authority. You get targeted media coverage and a communication channel for your Russian-speaking market.

The Comprehensive Package

In addition to the above mentioned services (media plan, translation and/or adaptation and local interviews), I am in charge of contacting the local industry media to publish materials created on your behalf. Upgraded with a local twist, you contributed piece will be a lot more effective that a standard marketing publication.

The Strategic Package

Content marketing services on a monthly basis: developing your customised content strategy for Russian-speaking markets, curating, creating and publishing relevant professional content for engaging potential leads through blogs, newsletters, PR media publications.


  • Decide who you want to reach. Even if press coverage may be free, your time isn’t. Be clear about how it will help your business.
  • Think about who you want to read and find out what they read, watch, and listen to.
  • If you’re looking to target people in a specific industry, placing a story in a local industry title might be more effective.
  • Gather contact details for relevant journalists and editors. Stay clear of generic email addresses as these might be not checked regularly.
  • Do your research to get the attention of your local publications. The closer your idea is to their ideal story, the better.
  • Instead of being a press release machine, become a true content partner to the media. Avoid brutally boring self-promotion.

I would love to connect with you to answer your questions or provide a free consultation.

Please pick a time that works best for you
or email me: [email protected]

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