Virtual employees are great

5 Reasons Virtual Employees Are Great

Who is a freelancer? A manager or an expert who works with the company on a temporary basis and is not a part of corporate stuff.

More companies are considering freelancers when looking for potential partners.

What are the main benefits of collaboration with remote subcontractors?

The same work costs less

A highly qualified freelancer will cost you less as compared to a staff employee or a service providing company:

  • No payments for sick leaves, insurance or vacancy days
  • No funds for their working environment
  • No training and/or professional development investments


Successful freelancers are seasoned and highly qualified professionals. You can hire a virtual employee who would be too expensive for you as a stuff member:

  • End-result commitment
  • Subject-matter experience relevant for your project
  • Access to new ideas and an outsider’s viewpoint


Time is money, and like you, freelancers know it very well. Virtual employees make their own living, so they are perfectly aware of the ‘no result, no gain’ mantra. Moreover, they are in love with their work. In fact, it’s the only way for them to achieve great results:

  • Highly efficient
  • Open for time pressing projects
  • With flexible timetable

Individual Approach

You are dealing not with a project manager, not with front desk staff but with a specialist who is ready to go ahead with your tasks and become a part of your project. Having transferred some of their duties to a freelancer, your employees get additional time for more important tasks:

  • You continue with a usual scheme: assignment >  fulfillment > control and analysis
  • No intermediate links for better communication
  • Both parties are interested in long and efficient cooperation


Your virtual employee may be located in any part of the world. It means that you get an access to a much broader base of experts available:

  • You can hire a local specialist in the region of your interest and choose the qualification level you need
  • You pay for delivered projects and not for hours spent in the office
  • You handle seasonal peak workloads more efficiently

* * *

There can no doubt that you face certain challenges when working with a freelancer. Later I am sure to turn to more gruesome aspects of hiring virtual employees.

In any case, once debugged, the workflow engaging a virtual employee will have more advantages than drawbacks.

And it is one of the major reasons behind the fact that 40 percent of all U.S. workers are expected to be freelancers by 2020.

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