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translation for search engine marketing

A Smart Web Marketing Tool? Try Translation

In the era of infinite information, human-to-human approach seems to become the most important sales-driving force. But implementing H2H marketing, which is a true paradigm shift, can be hard after many years of traditional models. The translation strategy lacks ‘a human touch’ in many B2

translated collateral

Translation and Your Marketing Strategy

Haunted castles of translated collateral The efficiency of traditional marketing has dropped dramatically. A very low response rate (less than 1%) is considered reasonable for certain marketing channels. Customers bombarded by advertising have mastered the art of ignoring the noise while companies paying for media placement have accepted ad

language of marketing materials

Writing Plain is Worth it

Some points about the language of marketing materials Getting bored with the repeated marketing nonsense when looking through similar press releases and marketing copies? Try the all-new Marketing Bullshit Bingo by translatorsanonymous. I guess you know the principle. Whenever you see one of the buzzwords on your

5 golden rules of marketing translations

Marketing Translations Guide

5 Golden Rules Marketing texts are all about engagement. You put together thoughtful sentences and catchy phrases to invoke positive feelings of your readers. You try to create music from words, technical texts in rhyme. But the result of your efforts might vanish after your materials have been translated for