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12 Antistress Colouring Pages for Translators

Add Colour to Your Translator’s Life

12 antistress colouring pages with a translation twist There are myriad ways to maintain our mental health—and doing so is especially important for ourselves and our communities at a time like this. It feels like there is so much beyond our control. But there is still a

math rules for freelancers

Engaging math for freelancers

10 basic terms illustrated by important rules In the 1980s, American A&W attempted to capitalise on the success of the popular McDonald's Quarter Pounder. They introduced a third-pound burger with more meat at a lower cost. The product failed. The reason? Most customers thought ¼ pound was

Translator's Blog

Welcome to Translator’s Blog

Welcome to Just Translate It, my new Virtual Office. This is a blog by a freelance translator specialising in marketing translations for technical companies. In 2012, I launched my Russian website with a blog for sharing ideas, information and experiences relevant to translation with my fellow