12 Antistress Colouring Pages for Translators

Add Colour to Your Translator’s Life

12 antistress colouring pages with a translation twist

There are myriad ways to maintain our mental health—and doing so is especially important for ourselves and our communities at a time like this.

It feels like there is so much beyond our control. But there is still a lot we can control. It is within our power to get a grasp on anxiety as, clearly, there are many things we can do. Start with one of them today and be the force of calm in a world of unknown chaos.

  • Create an in-house workout (I’ve joined 6-week online challenge, and it helps immensely)
  • Cook healthy meals
  • Take a few minutes to meditate, take enough sleep
  • Call friends and family to stay socially connected
  • Create: draw, plant, write, cook or colour

And smile! Even if you don’t feel like smiling.

For me, drawing (and colouring) is a way to restore fine motor skills after days of typing, to cut off from the world for a while and set my boundaries.

Initially, I was planning to make a compilation of antistress colouring pages by the end of the year. But as nearly everyone has more free time on their hands right now, I thought it could be April as well.

Please click on the picture you like and save it to print out and colour. Or you can download all of them in one handy PDF file with 12 antistress colourings.

I am going to add the coloured variants as soon as I complete them (usually I use coloured pencils and markers/gouache).

If you notice a mistake or have an idea for a new colouring, feel free to leave a comment.

Image source: justcolor.net (images free for personal and non-commercial use).


Keep calm and find your home Zen.

Like many parts of the world, my country has been locked down because of the pandemic. Well, at least I have time to practice my Photoshop and InDesign skills.



It can’t get any worse. Or can it?

It’s probably could get worse


All this work I haven’t done yet.

All this work I haven't done yet


Who needs vacation anyway?

Who needs vacation anyway


Sorry, I don’t speak stupid.

Sorry, I don't speak stupid


International Translation Day: Keep calm and translate on

Keep calm and translate on


Give me the context, or give me death


Everything is translatable by now


Never postpone what you can cancel. Take your time and rest now to be productive later.


Something to do waiting for your first project to kick in.


Go away! I have a deadline.


We are all mad here.


Keep calm and colour your days and your year. 🙂

Download the PDF file with 12 antistress colourings


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