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Translation Quality Style Guides

Translation Quality 101. Part 3

You may think that style guides describing language recommendations and stylistic nuances are for global companies and thriving publishing houses only. Want to think again? Your translator will appreciate even a short and simple instruction especially if it is combined with a glossary and reference

translation for search engine marketing

A Smart Web Marketing Tool? Try Translation

In the era of infinite information, human-to-human approach seems to become the most important sales-driving force. But implementing H2H marketing, which is a true paradigm shift, can be hard after many years of traditional models. The translation strategy lacks ‘a human touch’ in many B2

Terminology management

Translation Quality 101. Part 2

This is the second part of Translation Quality 101 series. The first part, dealing with source materials for translation, can be found here. ISO 1087-1 (2000) defines the term as a “verbal designation of a general concept in a specific subject field.” Some terms consist

Translation quality basics

Translation Quality 101

During this year, I was reconsidering my translation workflows and procedures. The whole thing led to a new series of posts on ensuring translation quality for my Russian blog. Actually, views and demands related to translation quality will often vary even inside a company. People

paper Christmas decorations

Print Hi-Tech: September & October

Interesting news and case studies involving printing and digital technologies covered in my regular ‘Hi-Tech’ category. Today: sewn books are better; adorable paper Christmas decorations; 3D printing making inroads into Red Dot Design Museum; 3D printed device for regaining fine motor skills.

3D Print Conference Kyiv, 2016

3D Print Conference Kyiv, 2016

Staying on track with my professional development, I visited the 3D Print Conference (Kyiv, Ukraine, September 16). Last time I came to this conference was a year ago. And I should say that by now I have learnt a lot more about the technologies, innovations

3D in colour

Print Hi-Tech: 3D in colour

Printing, digital, and marketing convergence For July and August, I chose the most colourful news and case studies involving printing and digital technologies. Today: the wonderful world of pop-up books; the magic of water colour printing; new ways to 3D print colourful objects; beautiful cakes created with